Write Hit Songs Mastermind by Gilli Moon

Are you a Hit Song Maker?

There is a song; and there is a Hit Song. Which one do you want to write?

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Write Hit Songs Mastermind

The Ultimate Mastermind for Songwriting Career Success

Pushing your songwriting to the limit is worth it. Enroll today in gilli moon's Write Hit Songs Mastermind and write 3 hit songs in 6 weeks, get one-on-one feedback and learn the ins and outs of the songwriting business. At the end of the mastermind program you will have everything you need to lead a successful songwriting career.

Do you feel like you have failed as a songwriter?

Have you committed a lifetime to writing and pitching your songs, only to see other songwriters reap the rewards of financial success?

Do you feel like you work hard, maybe for years, trying to make a living from your songwriting, but you just don't know how to make money from your songs?

Or are you wanting to tap into the secrets around successful songs so you can reap the same rewards? Maybe see your songs in the top playlists on Spotify, reach #1 on Billboard charts,... maybe win a Grammy?

It's time to write that Hit Song and be rewarded for it.

  • Are you ready to write songs that will be valued by the music industry? 
  • Are you ready to get your songs on the music charts?
  • Are you ready to earn a living or increase your wealth through songwriting?
  • Are you ready to open up your songwriting toolkit and knowledge to write amazing songs?

If YES, then the Write Hit Songs Mastermind
is for you. 

Writing hit songs is about mastering your mindset, setting goals, and a solid writing commitment.

The Write Hit Song Mastermind shares what it takes to write hit songs and what it takes to be a consummate songwriter in the new music business - as a lifelong career.

Hi, I'm Gilli Moon

I am a songwriter and a record company owner, with tons of songwriting cuts with artists, films and tv shows, plus have won numerous songwriting awards worldwide. I'm the President of the largest songwriters membership organization, Songsalive!, and I’ve been involved in the music business as a recording artist, songwriter, record company executive and coach for 25 years. Recently I published my 3rd book, The 360 Degree Songwriter, which is about being a different kind of songwriter in the music business to endow success. I share my secret recipe for writing hit songs as well as the mindset you need to lead a longlasting career in this ever-changing music business.  I've published 3 books on Amazon for creative folk like you, and love coaching songwriters and artists. I’ve run many songwriting workshops, after learning from many of the greats. I live and breathe music and (for better or for worse) I understand the music business. (More about me here.)  

I've worked REALLY hard, and yes, SMART, to achieve what I have achieved.  I don't tell you all this to boast about my talents. I tell you this to tell you that it takes gumption, courage and hard work. It takes a certain mindset to survive the music business. And it takes talent. 

The Music Business is hard, and yet there are opportunities as a songwriter that YOU can take advantage of. And it has a lot to do with your WILLINGNESS to write songs for the MARKET that will LOVE them.

I’ve had my fair share of successes, and I’ve certainly had that same fair share of rejection. 

And this is what I have learned: A Hit Song starts with your mindset.

And then you need to really write - a GREATLY CRAFTED SONG. You can’t fix a poor song structure in production, or mixing; and you certainly can’t make it fix a bad song with marketing, money or distribution. If it’s not a good song (a great, superb song) in the crafting of it, no amount of money or push will make it successful. It must start with the SONG itself, while remaining CONSCIOUS of what else will come into play. 

What do all these artists have in common?

They all use the hit song recipe - musical-melodic-lyrical and thematic ingredients that make these songs HITWORTHY.


This Write Hit Songs Mastermind is a 6 week course where you

  • Go through the hit songs blueprint that the music industry and the radio is dictating, so you understand how to hone your songwriting style to meet today's current trends.
  • Write 3 amazingly well-crafted songs that will be HITworthy
  • Gain feedback on your songs along the way with exclusive and private one-on-one sessions with me to help guide your writing
  • Gain the tools and techniques to be a successful hit songwriter.
  • Gain music business and songwriting networking know-how to be a successful songwriter entrepreneur

You will get:

  1. 3 x one-on-one sessions with me, Gilli Moon, setting clear goals, learning the hit song strategy, and gaining clarity on your writing commitment. VALUE: $1500
  2. A solid plan to write at least 3 completed songs, being kept accountable by Gilli with constructive feedback. VALUE: $1000
  3. Writing tips and feedback on your songs, live as you perform them (or share them). VALUE: $1000
  4. Beautiful, golden gems on writing successful songs and being a consummate professional Songwriter. VALUE: Priceless!
  5. Songwriting Business and Marketing tips along the way to advance your writing career. VALUE: Priceless!
  6. COMMUNITY: Access to my private Facebook Group to get feedback and ask questions along the way with real, authentic feedback and response by me and other songwriters on the journey with you. VALUE: $500

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Wow Plus 4 Amazing Bonuses

Bonus 1

My book, as a paperback and e-book, THE 360 DEGREE SONGWRITER - The Whole-istic Approach to Becoming a Hitmaker. Signed and delivered to your doorstep. VALUE $30.00. Yours Free.
This book that I've written is creative and, tactical. It takes my coined ‘360º’ approach to craft a great ‘Hit’ song and beyond that, craft a HIT SONGWRITING CAREER.  We’ll look at what is a ‘Hit’; we’ll dive deep into my Hit Song Recipe (Twenty defined ingredients that constitute my special ‘Hit Song’ sauce); we’ll develop an understanding of how to write a ‘Hit’ song and why you should write at least one for your catalog. Who knows, once you get hooked, you may realize that all your songs can be Hits!

Bonus 2

Free 1 Yr Membership to Songsalive!   - Access to resources and learnings from the largest international non-profit songwriters organization at your disposal for a full year) VALUE $99.00. Yours Free. (If you are already a member, then I will give you some extra perks)

Bonus 3

How Songwriters Can Network - Video Course - Self led video workshop to get your networking juices flowing. 1 hour video + PDF workbook. Jumpstart your networking skills in the songwriting business. Watch it at your pace, in your own time, online (video series). VALUE $47. Yours Free.

Bonus 4

10 Steps to Songwriting Success -  Video course - watch in your own time and at your own leisure.

What They Say about the Mastermind and working with Gilli:

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the Mastermind. It took my writing and recording to another level" - TR Faruk

"I have structure... stepping stones"-  Peter Hlavin


"Working with Gilli was an amazing experience. I was struggling with my songwriting as my songs were sounding dated. Gilli got me out of that to listen to modern sounds, learn new songwriting techniques and gave me a boost to my songwriting and career. She kept me accountable and be able to write, record and produce in a short amount of time" 
Randy Stanton
"Gilli has an amazing level of enthusiasm, knowledge and pop music and able to dissect the Top 10 on Billboard in an innovative way. She directed me to write 3 songs and the results were amazing" 
John Hemingway

Climb the charts by mastering the art of writing hit songs. Create 3 hit songs in just 6 weeks!

  • LEARN The mindset you need
  • ADOPT the hit song RECIPE

Pushing your songwriting to the limit is worth it. At the end of the Write Hit Songs Mastermind you will have everything you need to lead a successful songwriting career.
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