Creative Warrior VIP Program by Gilli Moon

Creative Warrior VIP Program

Fuel Your Greatness!  Ideal for those of you who are artist entrepreneurs, living your creative life in full throttle, and who want Gilli Moon as your Mentor for 6 months to DRIVE success with your Music Business 'Startup'.

You can be the CEO of your Music Business, ​and Build & expand your Music Business Startup

My Creative Warrior VIP Program is for creative rockstars who have an innate passion to be successful in the music business. ​You can be the captain of your ship, the master of your creative destiny, and I'm here to help you do that.
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Have you ever felt like...

... you don’t know how to get out there with your music or artistry? Have you been trying to find people to give you a chance, or “discover you”? Or have you been struggling financially as an artist?

Maybe you're someone who feels like your living someone else's life... You've arrived at a place and you don't know who you are anymore?

Have you ever put your music in other people’s hands and they don’t know you, don’t understand your music, or even perhaps, used you?

Have you knocked so hard on doors that your knuckles hurt and the doors still didn’t open?

Perhaps you’re from a small town and felt that “if only” I get to London, or LA, Nashville or NY I can “make it”?

Maybe you want to get that creative spark going, or re-established.

Or perhaps you're a rockstar, living, breathing your art or music, but just want MORE. More return from the ENORMOUS investment you've put into your music career.

Perhaps you have a huge dream but not the foggiest idea on how to get there? Or perhaps you are in a dead end job, and all you want to do is be creative on a daily basis and do your music/ your passion full time? Maybe time seems to be flying by and you are just not getting traction. Time seems to be running out and you’re just multi-tasking to the hilt, with no way to manage the art and the business stuff you now seem to have to do.

Maybe you just want a kick in the pants to get CLEAR with what you want to do and HOW to go about it, and be accountable for every step you take?

Are your CDs in your garage becoming wallpaper?

The Music Business Is Tough

  • It is a business. Not many care about your creativity. It's true. Deal with it.
  • It's not easy. You need a lot of stamina, patience, and strength. 
  • Yes, you need money. You don't need a million dollars to be successful, but you need to be willing to invest in yourself.
  • Many people WILL criticize you. You need a tough skin.
  • You need to believe in yourself.

Success in the music business requires artists to think outside the box, be masters of their own destiny and to be business people, in charge of your own business. You need to run your Music Business like a Rockstar CEO. Inside and Out.

Your Coach

My name is Gilli Moon. I am an artist entrepreneur.  I am a creative warrior. I live and breathe my dream as an artist creating awesome, hopefully awe-inspiring, products and projects for the world.  But when I’m not in the studio, on stage performing, writing a song, or painting a painting, or these days, consulting startups and speaking on various stages, I work with artists worldwide to BUILD their personal and professional dreams, to achieve their goals, develop skills, and empower them towards the life they've ALWAYS imagined. I do all of this through my VIP Coaching and other Programs here at The Creative Warrior Academy.

I came from...

.... a small town, actually middle of nowhere in Australia, and felt like I had no opportunities to become who I wanted to be where I grew up.

Even though I wrote lots of songs, and performed here and there, even got some recordings done, I ended up waiting around for someone to come along and “make it happen” for me. I didn’t know how to get out there. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. The road was unclear. 

I knew nothing

... about the music industry in in the beginning, and back then the Internet was just starting, so access to resources, marketing and people was limited. I didn’t know how to get a record deal and I thought that was the only way to go, at first. I spent too much time hoping SOMEONE ELSE had the answers, and I just felt creatively frustrated, intimidated and uneducated in the business.

I actually had a big wake up call. When I was in a dead-end record deal, in a dead-end relationship, and a dead-end lifestyle, I suddenly got sick and was rushed to the hospital for major surgery which ended up non-life-threatening, but it made me WAKE UP. Luckily I was only 30 years old, so I was relatively young, and time in front of me. Though at the time I felt old!

I ended up deciding to stop waiting around for someone else to make it happen for me, and get on with doing it myself. No longer trying to get a record deal, or make the one I had work, or try for some high end manager or some “they, them, other” type person to bring me success -  I just started my own business. My OWN record company. I went DIY (one of the first, and in fact I’m the first coined “INDIE” artist (short for independent) before it was known or even fashionable. I successfully released my first album worldwide on the internet to thousands of fans and at that time the Internet was just burgeoning. Yes, I was indeed one of the first artists to use the Internet as a marketing vehicle for my music. You can read more of my story actually in one of the earlier chapters of my book, Just Get Out There.

And NOW, a decade and a half later,
I am so thrilled that thousands of artists have enjoyed not only my music (7 albums, worldwide tours, and many many songs in film and television), but also my coaching, workshops and products all around the world. I get to talk at music conferences, I run my own Workshops, Courses (in person and online), have sold thousands of my books that EMPOWER artists to BECOME the successful artist entrepreneurs they strive to be,… and I have one-on-one artist clients who are thriving working with me, as much as I thrive to coach them.

***** Everything that has brought me here today, I want to show YOU how I did it, and how you can do it. *****

This is Me Now

  • 7 albums released
  • dozens of albums produced and launched for other artists
  • 5 compilations with over 150 artists from around the world that I single-handedly launched;
  • International Songwriter and Vocal Performer Award Winner
  • Songs in Film and Television
  • Self-published 3 books for artists before self-publishing was known. More in the works, many downloadable products, courses and eBooks
  • Newsweek Magazine and Billboard Magazine spreads on my self-made artist success
  • I’ve toured worldwide and performed with some of the top artists in this world, including Eric Idle, Erikah Badu, Simple Minds and Rickie Lee Jones.
  • Not to name my philanthropic ventures with co-founding a non-profit songwriters organization called Songsalive!, now 18 years old, And my training and coaching joys helping other artists through The Creative Warrior Academy ™
  • I’m now #1 Artist Coach and Creative Business Strategist

What a coach offers

There is always a position available in our lives called "coach".  whether it be to help YOU with a project, a goal, or even for transitioning to a whole new fabulous life.

A coach can take you where you are today to where you want to be, all the while keeping you accountable, providing support, resources and strategies along the way to get there.

My VIP Coaching Program is tailored around you, and where you are at, building in strategies and goals to help you take you to new heights.

I help you gain clarity on your next step, help you take that step, and help you achieve, complete and succeed. It's as simple as that.

With my 6 month Creative Warrior VIP Program

  • ​KNOW who you are and GET CLEAR on what you really want to achieve.
  • CREATE CHANGE in your current life, work, process, or business.
  • BUILD your vision and plan towards a successful creative career. 
  • CRAFT YOUR BRAND, target your market, find your niche and create your pitch.
  • BUILD VALUE and equity around you and your artistry.
  • INFLUENCE people and build your core business relationships.
  • LAUNCH your music, product, website, tour, brand and more.
  • KNOW the marketing to-dos and taboos.
  • BECOME EXCELLENT in your creative craft, whether it be songwriting, stage performance, on camera delivery, or just help in carving time to do it.
  • CREATE RESULTS that will reward and sustain you, for life
  • define and reach success that is defined and achieved by you.
  • MAXIMIZE your marketability in the industry and in the world.
  • FIND TIME for your passion in all of the business stuff, and make your passion your business. Wow.
  • GET personal reward and joy of the journey along the way.
  • MAKE MONEY doing what you love.
  • ACHIEVE the SUCCESS that you deserve.
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Together we will

We go deep on your vision, your path, and build a gameplan to achieve your big dream. I'm your coach. Just you. And Me. That's it. You're my quarterback. BAM!

We make things happen. I keep you accountable of your goals and tasks every month. From goal making, to time management, to strategies, tips and tools to get out there as an artist and/or songwriter. There is always a position available in our lives called "coach", whether it be to help YOU with a project, a goal, or even for transitioning to a whole new fabulous life.

A coach can take you where you are today to where you want to be, all the while keeping you accountable, providing support, resources and strategies along the way to get there. And here I am, ready to be YOUR COACH. I help you gain clarity on your next step, help you take that step, and help you achieve, complete and succeed. It's as simple as that.

Getting Started

Now, please understand that I keep my client base to 10 at a time so that I can provide personalized attention and service. So, please read carefully:

My coaching is not for everyone.

I only work with those who see themselves as artist entrepreneurs, or creatively business minded. I also only work with those who are willing to work over an extensive period, usually 6- 12 months. No one hit wonder time wasters. Like my style of coaching, I believe in long term artists, and hence, long term client commitment: clients who want to dig deep and really work their craft, work their skills, and work their strategy. Besides, you just won't get the full impact of my coaching in one session.

We start with a deep session.

This is where I get to know you, you get to know me, and we begin the game plan.  I become part of your tribe, part of your family. I'm like a manager without the strings attached. I am your heart, your pulse, your lifeline.

We will meet once a month for 6 months.

Either on SKYPE, Zoom or phone. Sorry, I don't coach face to face except for exceptions (if you are flying in, or the occasion deserves a fabulous face to face). I'm also available 24/7 via email throughout the month, and I'm constantly offering tips and tools this way.  At the end of the 6 months, we can renew. I have many artist clients who have been with me for YEARS.

You will be included in my exclusive community

where you can ask questions to me or the group - all of my clients - which is super cool: you can gain insight and feedback from kindred spirits on a similar journey with you. Be active in the community. One of the best parts about VIP Coaching is that it's part of a community. Share your thoughts and ideas, and let us know what you're learning as you work through the material. Engage with your peers. We're all in this together, and we'll learn a whole lot more (AND have more fun) if we help each other out. Ask and answer questions. Feeling stuck or confused? We're here for you. Share your questions, and we'll help you work through them. 

Are you ready to by my VIP?

If you feel like this is a fit for you,schedule a FREE clarity session below. Or purchase your package at the top of this page.
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"Gilli Moon helps you to develop a practical and comprehensive logistical plan to marketing your music.  However her real power lies in delving into your attitudes, belief systems and ultimate dreams in life which will ultimately decide the success or failure of your efforts.  While I am often overwhelmed by the obstacles of this business, each coaching session with Gilli renews my positive attitude and empowers me to continue to move forward.  While many times I begin my coaching session feeling lost, Gilli makes it possible for me to find my sense of purpose again and feel the joy in the process of making and marketing my music. She provides an invaluable service to the independent artist.  She understands the process, the challenges, and the attitudes one must have in order to thrive in this pursuit. She is a great sounding board and guide!"
Linda Bonadies
"My life and art were out of control and Gilli intuitively tailored our sessions to help me move forward. Her strength and inspiration are amazing. She is an artist that takes care of business and that ain’t no lie. She knows what needs to be done and how to remain empowered while you are doing it. I look forward to working with Gilli again and I would work with Gilli anytime, in a heartbeat.  Why suffer? It doesn’t get any better than this!"
Freddie (Colleen McCullough)
I've become a better performer, a better songwriter and a better musician and person and I can't wait to spend a bunch more years working with Gilli
-Shelby Merchant
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The Creative Warrior Academy™

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