I've become a better performer, a better songwriter and a better musician and person and I can't wait to spend a bunch more years working with Gilli
-Shelby Merchant
Everything you talk about is insightful and it always encourages me to keep moving forward, both as a business woman and an artist, and also in my life as a whole--everything wrapped up in a ball that makes me who I am.  I'm so glad our lives crossed paths!  After our sessions, I hang up the phone thinking, "wow, she totally gets me and what I'm going through!
Katie Garibaldi
"Gilli Moon helps you to develop a practical and comprehensive logistical plan to marketing your music.  However her real power lies in delving into your attitudes, belief systems and ultimate dreams in life which will ultimately decide the success or failure of your efforts.  While I am often overwhelmed by the obstacles of this business, each coaching session with Gilli renews my positive attitude and empowers me to continue to move forward.  While many times I begin my coaching session feeling lost, Gilli makes it possible for me to find my sense of purpose again and feel the joy in the process of making and marketing my music. She provides an invaluable service to the independent artist.  She understands the process, the challenges, and the attitudes one must have in order to thrive in this pursuit. She is a great sounding board and guide!"

The Creative Warrior Academy™

The world's most comprehensive empowerment and coaching program for artists and creative seekers. Founded in 2006 by world renowned Artist Entrepreneur, Gilli Moon, we offer in-person and online programs, courses and events, educational products, books, videos and resources,  as well as private group and one-on-one training/coaching to fuel your artistic greatness and build creative entrepreneurial success.

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