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HI. My name is Gilli Moon. I'm a recording artist, songwriter, artist entrepreneur and coach. As a self-coined 'Creative Warrior', I am the CEO of MY Music Startup. I help artists and creative seekers get engaged, feel enlightened, and become empowered towards a life they've always imagined.

I am not only a unique, and energetic chanteuse with 7 album releases to my name, but I have become a beacon for artists and creatively minded executives around the world, inspired and motivated by my story as an Artist and self-made Entrepreneur..

I take pleasure in providing my unparalleled insight and knowledge of the music industry to help other musicians, artists and songwriters navigate and find success for their own art. 
As a songwriter, I’ve written and placed hundreds of songs, recorded and released albums, created big artist and songwriting communities, and I coach. I’ve met and supported many songwriters and artists (in the vicinity of several thousand, whom I know by name).

I'm also an Entrepreneur. A creative disrupter, Artist, Songwriter, Author, Record Label owner, Mother and Life Passion Seeker. I've toured the world as a singer and musician with the likes of Eric Idle, Simple Minds and worked for, plus built awesome communities, brands, businesses, digital products and websites catering to empowering and advancing creatives and entrepreneurs.

I've published 3 books on Amazon for creative folk like you, and love coaching songwriters and artists. I’ve run many songwriting workshops, after learning from many of the greats. I live and breathe music and (for better or for worse) I understand the music business.

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Follow Your Life Passion

Have you had a burning desire most of your life to do something amazing? Have you ever felt that you want to live the extraordinary, instead of the ordinary? Are you here on this planet to make a difference? Do you have something to say?

Are you doing something else than what you feel you were meant to be doing?

Do you feel REALLY GOOD when you think about the things you REALLY LOVE to do?

What you really love to do is YOUR LIFE PASSION.

I want to help you follow your LIFE PASSION full time.

No distractions, no "something else", no unhappy day job, no unhappy life. A LIFE FULFILLED. This could be simply a shift in your "job/work", or a different view of life, or a completely DIFFERENT life. It could be small. It could be large.

But the DIFFERENCE is this: Not a strangling, time sucking full time experience, but a life where you have plenty of time for you and your family, tons of creative freedom, and well, just FREEDOM!!!

Imagine taking your next idea and making it a thriving, abundant business, brand or project, that provides you ABUNDANT passive income, affirmation and credit from your industry that you may have been seeking till now, and all the time you need.

The Key is to identify and follow your "life passion."

There are many reasons why we are not living our LIFE PASSION. Sometimes we are dealt with certain cards, and we feel we just have to live with them. Sometimes we don't know HOW to pursue what we really want, because we don't know the steps to take. Sometimes we don't think we deserve that amazing DREAM to come TRUE. Whatever it is, I want to help you make that shift, incrementally through taking a BIG look INSIDE (inner work), getting CLEAR with what you REALLY want, and creating a GAME PLAN <> STRATEGY to actualize your real dreams - to live your LIFE PASSION.

It all starts with your warrior mindset + your daily habit, which is carefully designed from building your awesome life passion plan. All of which leads you on what I call: The Warrior Path.

This is why being a Life Passion Seeker is the quest itself. Once you take that path, what I call the WARRIOR PATH, you will start to discover up the road all your dreams ready to be delivered to you. But you have to GET ON THAT PATH.

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The Creative Warrior Academy™

The world's most comprehensive empowerment and coaching program for artists and creative seekers. Founded in 2006 by world renowned Artist Entrepreneur, Gilli Moon, we offer in-person and online programs, courses and events, educational products, books, videos and resources,  as well as private group and one-on-one training/coaching to fuel your artistic greatness and build creative entrepreneurial success.

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