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Welcome the The Creative Warrior Academy. As the CEO of your music business, you can achieve your artistic dreams, as the captain of your creative destiny. Just like any new business in this new digital age, You need to think about your music career as not only a BUSINESS but also as a 'Startup' just like, for example, a Tech 'Startup'.  

​YOU need to be an ENTREPRENEUR - the CEO - of your artistic career. Become a successful Artist Entrepreneur, achieve your artistic dreams, and build your Music "Startup"

The Creative Warrior Academy™

The world's most comprehensive empowerment and coaching program for artists and creative seekers. Founded in 2006 by world renowned Artist Entrepreneur, Gilli Moon, we offer in-person and online programs, courses and events, educational products, books, videos and resources,  as well as private group and one-on-one training/coaching to fuel your artistic greatness and build creative entrepreneurial success.

Dive In:
Live events

You Are:

  1. An artist, songwriter or musician in the entertainment business, and/or
  2. An entertainment entrepreneur kicking off your new music business 
  3. A creative person who is passionate about seeking amazing creative life experiences
  • You have BIG ideas.
  • You are a dreamer: you're willing to dream big
  • You are highly motivated to achieve your dreams and willing to risk and work smart to achieve them.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself.
  • You are motivated, passionate, ready.

10 Steps To Songwriting Career Success

Free Webinar with Gilli Moon - The 10 simple steps that will improve your songwriting career success in a day

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The 360 Degree Songwriter

The Whole-istic Approach To Becoming A Hit Maker. Analyze the Hit Song Recipe and change your mindset in a powerful way.
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Songwriting Mentorship - your songwriting success coach

Receive valuable feedback in an 1:1 session with Gilli Moon around your songwriting - lyrics, melody, chords, song structure, or production.
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Write Hit Songs Mastermind

View course $997

Creative Warrior VIP Program

Ideal for those of you who ARE an artist entrepreneur, living your creative warrior life in full throttle, & who want one-on-one with Gilli
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How Songwriters Can Network

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Everyone needs mentors on their journey. People who have walked the walk and are willing to share their treasures of experience and advice, and Gilli is that type of a mentor. She's a real competent and courageous leader. I urge you to invest in yourself as an artist and work with her.
Linda Bonadies
 I was completely overwhelmed with running my own business, and pretty unorganized when I first started working with Gilli.... She helped me to organize my thoughts, goals and direction, and to find out what my truth was... "what was success to me?" ... She inspires me to be my best, and to give myself the best chance to follow my dreams.  I was my biggest road block.  Gilli genuinely cares about me and about helping me follow my dreams; I'm sure she's the same way with all of her clients.  Her energy, honesty, passion and heart are an inspiration to me.  I'm truly grateful for her support and guidance in my life.
Bonnie Lee Panda
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